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WEBTOASTER lets you build, manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way.

WEBTOASTER demands no installation of special software and is available everywhere 24/7.

Welcome to WEBTOASTER 2011

Not ´Just Another Web Content Management System`

Toast it!Welcome to WEBTOASTER which lets you manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way. Within the same interface, the Toaster gives you unmatched power to produce and distribute sophisticated newsletters in rich HTML-format and automatically publish RSS feeds.

New in 2011 is support for modern touchscreen devices like the iPad and the iPhone plus automatic share-links to social media like Twitter and Facebook.

WEBTOASTER gives you full control of what you need to control. Even multiple menu-levels and content that usually is static in most other web-publishing systems. Only your business web profile is governed by your business web profile designer - as it should be. In this way your content will always be updated with your profile intact - at minimal costs.

WEBTOASTER now runs on both MS Access , PostgresSQL and MS SQL Server. PostgresSQL and SQL Server gives you both a higher security level and a much improved server response.

WEBTOASTER lets you define the layout and appearance of your web once. After that, you can add, edit, and remove articles using the Toasterís built-in editor. You donít need a web designer for every page. Publishing your changes to a web server takes one click.

WEBTOASTER lets you create, edit and send Newsletters and Email in HTML-format. Newslists are supported and the system will prevent you from sending the same letter twice to the same recipient. Subscriptions are double opt-in and any subscription may be cancelled through one-click in each newsletter.

WEBTOASTER lets you create and publish RSS feeds automatically. The content is based on your web content and you may publish different feeds for each implemented language. RSS is an exciting new technology which will bring you more visitors and let your users stay up to date with the latest developments on your web.

WEBTOASTER is easy, yet gives you full control over your website and newsletters from within your own web-browser from anywhere at any time.

No need to buy expensive software. No need to learn Frontpage, Dreamweaver, HTML or any programming language. No need to hire any IT-consultant.

WEBTOASTER is multi-language. You may create and maintain your web content in as many languages as you like.

WEBTOASTER is flexible. Most publishing systems severely restrict the design of your website. The Toaster adjusts easily to almost any conceivable design.

WEBTOASTER is search-engine friendly. It is a well-known problem that dynamically generated websites may have trouble being indexed by the search-engines. With Toaster, this is different: All articles are dynamically assigned title, description and keywords based on the specific content and your Master Search-engine Tag List. Of course, any page may aldo be assigned its own title, description and keywords manually.

WEBTOASTER defends you against SPAM . Spam-mail has grown into a big problem, especially if you are listing any email address on any website. Toaster has solved this by encrypting any email address automatically. Your guest may still click any email link - and still no Spam Agent will discover anything.

This web is, of course, published with WEBTOASTER. You are invited to try the Toaster here and now.

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Published 12.02.2005
Last update 06.12.2010
What's most important with a Web Content Management System?
Usability and simplicity
Extra feautures (news, RSS, statistics, ..)
Search-engine friendliness
All of the above


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