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WEBTOASTER lets you build, manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way.

WEBTOASTER demands no installation of special software and is available everywhere 24/7.

Toaster Editor

The Toaster comes with a very strong content editor

The Toaster content editor provides all the common word processing functions, yet it is easier to use than your ordinary word processor.

UPDATE 2009:

Toaster now comes with two, user-selectable editors. In addition to the well-proven, classic editor, it also comes with the industry open source standard Tiny MCE editor. The user may at any time switch between these editors according to his needs. The primary advantage of the new editor is the possibility to insert skinned, interactive videos ala Youtube.

Below the classic editor is described:

The Toaster content editor
The Toolbar

The toolbar should provide all the formatting needs you may wish for, yet it is easier to use than your day-to-day word processor. The toolbar comes in three flavors, you may choose the one that best suits your needs.

The minimal toolbar provides the basic tools and should be sufficient for most needs.

The minimal toolbar

You may format text to a set of predefined rules, emphasize and align text, format text as a bulletted list, insert links and pictures, and clean up pasted text (MS Word)

The advanced toolbar provides some additional possibilities which might be useful.

The advanced toolbar

You may insert special characters and select from a number of fonts and set different font-sizes. You may also add predefined styles to elements and selected text (image alignment is an example). In addition you may insert any of a predefined set of text snippets and links which have been predefined for each Toaster web.

The professional toolbar goes all the way and provides two strong tools plus some bells and whistles you might never need.

The professional toolbar

With this toolbar you may insert and edit tables. This is a very strong tool if you need to present structured data.

You now have the option to position both text and pictures absolutely on the page. This means that these elements will not flow with the text, the will be positioned at absolute pixel positions and show above other content. This is an extremely strong tool and should be used with care.

In addition, this toolbar gives some extra options which might please: Indent and outdent text, subscript and superscript text, make strikethrough text, insert horizontal rules, insert todays date and time, insert emoticons.

How to insert pictures

How to insert pictures are described here.

How to set colors

The Toaster comes with an advanced yet easy color picker. With this color picker you may set font colors and the highlight text color. Although the number of colors are endless, you should use this tool with care: Try to stick to a small, consistent set of colors. Do Not Scream!

The Toaster color pickerThe color picker lets you select from a predefined set of basic colors and from the whole specter of available colors. In addition it will let you save any selected color as a custom color for later use. This way it is easier to stick a consistent set of colors.

Just click or drag to select any color (you may also specify the color in RGB, HSL or Hex). You may at any time go back to your original color with Reset.

color iconsTo change any color click on the arrow to the right of the Font Color or Highlight icon. To apply the color, click on the Font Color or Highlight icon itself.

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Published 16.12.2003
Last update 13.08.2009
What's most important with a Web Content Management System?
Usability and simplicity
Extra feautures (news, RSS, statistics, ..)
Search-engine friendliness
All of the above


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