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WEBTOASTER lets you build, manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way.

WEBTOASTER demands no installation of special software and is available everywhere 24/7.

Toaster Pictures

Unique picture management

interface Picture ArchiveWEBTOASTER now comes with a very flexible Picture Archive. You may, of course, still use the original and unique automatic uploading of any picture you include in any content (one click to publish both text and new pictures).

With the new Picture Archive you may manage all pictures that are often used in your web in one place. You may upload and delete pictures. You may resize any picture to one of the standard picture sizes that are defined for your web. You may sharpen any picture. And you may place any picture into a predefined category.

The Picture Archive

details, picture archiveThe Web Picture Archive should contain all important pictures which you plan to use repeatedly on your web pages. These pictures will be immediately available to any user in the content editor and, as they already reside on the web server, they do not need to be uploaded over the Net.

The picture archive has several unique capabilities. In addition to batch uploading and deletion, you may resize any picture to one of the predefined picture sizes that are defined for all Toaster sites (max, standard, min, tiny). This has several advantages:

  • The predefined picture sizes will not let you break the design guidelines set down for your web (in fact, all pictures are automatically resized to a predefined max width upon upload if they exceed this width).
  • Most Toaster users don't know the difference between an inch and a pixel and have no idea of how to use an image processing program like Photoshop to manually resample an image for the Web. With the Toaster all you have to do is upload the picture and (eventually) select one of the predefined picture sizes.
  • You may resize any picture several times. In this way you may keep the same picture in several sizes.

You may also sharpen any picture in the archive. This is often useful when a picture is made smaller and tends to look blurry.

By uploading different pictures into different directories you may classify the pictures for different use.

Any picture that is referenced by any content in your web is automatically protected: You may not delete these pictures.

Supported picture formats are JPG and GIF. GIF-images are, however, not supported for resizing, these pictures should have the correct size already upon upload (this is due to GIF licensing policies - $1500/year/server to allow dynamic generation of GIF images).

The administration of the Picture Archive is available in PRO mode only.

How to insert pictures from the Picture Archive

insert picture iconpicture dialogTo insert any picture from the Picture Archive use this icon in the content editor. You will be presented with the dialog on the right. It works almost as the Picture Archive, just select any picture and click insert.

You also have the option to upload pictures to the Picture Archive with this dialog. You should normally use the Picture Archive pages to do this but this dialog will upload pictures without the check on maximum width. If you choose to upload pictures this way you must first upload the picture, close the dialog and then open it again to insert the picture.

The Dynamic Picture Directory

All users may also upload and use any picture stored on their own PC/LAN. In this process, the upload is done automatically and the pictures are stored in a separate directory.

This upload is completely transparent to the user: There is no need for any separate upload process, just insert the picture along with the text and click Publish (The Toaster is the only web publishing program with this capability). This makes it easy for any user to publish any picture, even if she has not got the user rights to manage the picture archive.

This method does not, however, have the benefits of predefined resizing and uploaded pictures are not automatically resized to the predefined max width.

Use this method for new pictures that you do not expect to use over and over.

In Toaster PRO you have access also to the dynamic picture directory, use this for general clean-up and deletion.

Any picture that is referenced by any content in your web is automatically protected: You may not delete these pictures.

How to insert pictures from your own PC

insert picture iconinsert picture dialogTo insert any picture from your own PC/LAN use this icon in the content editor. You will be presented with the dialog on the right. Select Browse to select any picture file on your own PC or local network, fill in the alternate text (recommended). This all you need to, the upload of the picture to the web server is automatically performed.

NB: This dialog contains fields for image alignment and picture spacing: You should not fill in these fields, these parameters are automatically taken care of.

Picture alignment

The picture alignment and spacing around the pictures are automatically taken care (on this Webtoaster web all pictures are automatically right-aligned). If you wish to change the default alignment select the picture and choose Image Inline, Left or Right from the style menu.

You may also position any pictures absolutely on the page by selecting the picture and then click absolute position icon. You may then drag the picture anywhere on the page ..

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