This is a 2014 MUSEUM WEB by Terje Enge. Online in 1999, last revision was November 2014. Please treat as history.
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WEBTOASTER lets you build, manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way.

WEBTOASTER demands no installation of special software and is available everywhere 24/7.

Toaster Start

First get a password, then read the basics. Then locate the two options on the bottom of this page - Toaster LITE and Toaster PRO.

You should start with LITE.

Click on Lite, enter your userid and password. You will then be presented with the same page but now with the possibility to publish and edit content the content of this page.

Click on PRO, enter your userid and password in the new window which opens: You will have access to the full power of WEBTOASTER (within your access rights).

Please understand that for security reasons I have to restrict your user rights. You will be able to publish and edit your own content, you may publish newsletters and mail them (to yourself only), you may view the visitor statistics.
You will, however, not be able to edit special content, edit content in the right column, edit the main sections of this web, or save any new templates.

'Help is available here' is available in all Toaster pages.

Please refrain from publishing any content or any images which might be offensive to the general public.


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What's most important with a Web Content Management System?
Usability and simplicity
Extra feautures (news, RSS, statistics, ..)
Search-engine friendliness
All of the above


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