This is a 2014 MUSEUM WEB by Terje Enge. Online in 1999, last revision was November 2014. Please treat as history.
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WEBTOASTER lets you build, manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way.

WEBTOASTER demands no installation of special software and is available everywhere 24/7.

Toaster Basics

The basic concept behind WEBTOASTER is Sections, Intropages and Articles. This all you really have to understand:

concepts explained

All Toaster-webs are divided into (one or more) Sections. This is reflected in the web main menu. You may set the different sections with PRO only.

Each section has one Section Content page. A Section Content page consists of one or more 'taglines', eg. short introductory content which may or may not link to an Article. With the exception of the main page ('homepage'), any link should preferably link to an article within the same section.

An Article is the main container of content within the Toaster. An article may be of any length and should always be linked to by a tagline on a Section Content page or mentioned in the menu of its subsection (in this web this menu is to the left).

This is an Article. It belongs to the Section HELP. It was linked to through the HELP Section Content page and was included in the Section menu.

In addition there is the possibility of an extra column in each Toaster web (in this web the extra column is to the right): This column behaves in many ways like a Section Content page but is usually common to all sections. Use this column for short, important messages, advertisments and anything you can think of. Just keep it short.

This web is only an example of how a Toaster Web might look. It may, in fact, look like anything. Main menu at the bottom, extra column in the middle, white on black,... And often it is only a matter of changing a simple stylesheet.

'Help is available here' is available on all Toaster pages.

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Published 19.11.2003
Last update 16.12.2003
What's most important with a Web Content Management System?
Usability and simplicity
Extra feautures (news, RSS, statistics, ..)
Search-engine friendliness
All of the above


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