This is a 2014 MUSEUM WEB by Terje Enge. Online in 1999, last revision was November 2014. Please treat as history.
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WEBTOASTER lets you build, manage and update your web site in an advanced, yet extremely user-friendly way.

WEBTOASTER demands no installation of special software and is available everywhere 24/7.

Toaster Style

Here is a demo of available headers and styles in this web:

(Titles are Header 5 in Articles and Header 4 in Taglines)

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6

This is ’normal’ : Please note that everything has a discrete, corporate look. Headers are are small by design. For some clients this is a matter of survival, for others it is only a dress code which keeps the customers away. With the Toaster it as to change the looks as it is to change your garment. Just modify the web stylesheet.

About fonts and sizes:

You may at any time specify specific fonts and sizes. Although tempting, our advice is to use this option only when you have a very good reason: Theu may easily screw up the overall design and you will never be certain if the user has this specific font insatlled on her system.

Please note:

  • All pictures are now automatically right-aligned with correct margins. This means that you should not specify the alignment or spacing of any inserted picture. (even in the Toaster will the pictures automatically be placed correctly)
    NB: You may at any time override any picture alignment with the choice of Style Image:Inline, Image:Left, Image:Right in the style menu.
  • All copy and paste from Word, Powerpont and so on will almost always lead to a breach of the existing design and will always produce ugly, bloated web-code. To avoid this, you should clean all pasted code:
    Select all content (ctrl-A), click on  (remove MS-Word formatting), then (remove format).
  • (and this was ’ordered list’ ..)


This is easy!

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Published 01.11.2003
Last update 06.12.2010
What's most important with a Web Content Management System?
Usability and simplicity
Extra feautures (news, RSS, statistics, ..)
Search-engine friendliness
All of the above


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